Adaptive Forms reserved words

There are a number of reserved words that you should not name your formĀ elements in your Adaptive Forms. It is also suggested you should not use them in your schema for element or attribute names.

As a rule of thumb:

  1. Any property that is defined on the panel should not be used as the name of an element. Because that will restrict access to that property and lead to problems in the code. Examples (case-sensitive)
    1. panel
    2. repeatable
    3. toolbar
    4. instanceManager
    5. title
    6. summary
    7. enabled
    8. visible
    9. id
    10. name
    11. children
    12. items
    13. bindRef
    14. shortDescription/longDescription
    15. index
    16. any other API mentioned in
  1. Some other words that are used in the generated script should not be used in the scripts or element names. e.g.
    1. Calculate
    2. Visibility
    3. Enabled
  2. You should not have field names starting with _, to prevent future name collisions with any of Adobe’sĀ private APIs.

Edit: It wasn’t related to the schema elements per se, but the ‘elements’ in the adaptive form. Since dragging a schema object onto the form automatically names the form element the same name as the schema element or attribute, the form will stop working.

Edit 2: Ok it seems that naming your schema elements and attributes any of the above is aactually not recommended.


Changing administrator password on AEM Forms JEE

LC_bugOk, so this isn’t really a bug but it was damn annoying to figure out.

So we had a development server that was publicly available, so the first thing you do is change the default administrator password (right?).

Then I start seeing messages from JBoss server.log:

19:14:56,218 WARN  [] (Thread-166) Authentication failed for user [admin] (Scheme - Username/Password) Reason: Username or password is incorrect . Refer to debug level logs for category for further details

What? Where is that coming from?

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it turns out if you want to change the default administrator password on AEM Forms JEE 6.X, you need to update the OSGi configuration for the Adobe LiveCycle Client SDK Configuration or it will lock out your administrator account!


The URL to get to it directly is: http://localhost:8080/lc/system/console/configMgr/com.adobe.livecycle.dsc.clientsdk.internal.DSCConfigService

Remember that if you have any Author or Publish instances pointing to your Processing server, they will need to be updated too or the same thing will happen.


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